NANKANA SAHIB - A seminar on the topic of Rising religious extremism, intolerance in society and restrictions over conception, idea, consideration and its expression in Pakistan was held under the auspices of National Commission for Peace and Justice here at the residence of Bashir Masih, former councillor here the other day. Haji Hameed Rehmani, Shahazad Pervaz (Priest) Dawood Bhatti Masih, Amanual, Yousaf Punjun, trader leader Shahid Mahmood, Sikh, Muslim and Christian leaders, notables of the district and a large number of journalists also participated in the seminar. Speakers emphasised the need for tolerance in the society irrespective of religion, caste, race and other affiliations. They said that if there is any contradiction in the constitution that must be amended and minorities must be given equal rights. The speakers said that the government should establish human rights protection institute and organisations and it must become a part of the agreements related to the rights of citizens as United Nations charter. They demanded local bodies elections without any further delay enabling the masses to be the part of the system and to decentralising the powers. Women in the all provinces of the country must be given equal status and equal opportunities of political, social, economic progress, they added. The speakers at the seminar also demanded new and realistic fixation of geographical boundaries of all units of the federation and ground realities of national culture, history, languages must be considered in this regard. They said right of Siraekis and Balochis should be accepted over the resources and sources of production in these areas. Government should launch agricultural reforms in the country, they said, adding, effective and proper measures must be taken on permanent basis to restore the flood-affected people. At the end, all participants passed the aforesaid resolutions unanimously as - for the eradication of extremism.