MULTAN - Jeevay Pakistan Jeevay Muqami Hakoomat (JPJM) Chairman Danyal Aziz has pledged launching a decisive struggle against cutthroat inflation and unemployment after the month of Muharramul Harram. Addressing a mammoth JPJM public meeting here, the former NRB chairman said that people sitting at the helm of affairs were not sincere with the masses and they had nothing to do with their miseries and problems. The JPJM chief said that inflation that had driven the common man to commit suicide, was not a natural phenomenon that happened over night rather the result of wrong policies of the rulers. Interestingly the government has been mounting the burden of taxes on the poor which only benefitting billionaire heads of the political parties, Danyal pointed out. He declared that such form of democracy was unacceptable wherein the poor were deprived of even a single time meal and compelled to sell their children and commit suicide. The JPJM chief claimed that the local government system was the engine for development and progress around the world but in Pakistan the bureaucracy that had made the nation failed for 60 years was ruling again in the name of democracy. He said, I dont accept this kind of democracy where poor have to suffer and rich gets away with everything. Poor cant even manage to get a single meal. He said the days of corrupt rulers were numbered and now the poor would be empowered and would be master of their own destiny. He further said that the Local governments funds were being illegally utilized by the provincial governments and the LGs polls were intentionally delayed which was a sheer violation of Article 140A of the Constitution. He pointed out that the Local Council Associations (LCAs) since the last 2 years had filed 27 cases in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts of all the four provinces for the restoration of LGs and against the appointment of administrator but to no avail. The Chief Justice should see that why these cases have been kept pending for so long, he appealed. Danyal said that Inflation can only be controlled by increasing interest rate but instead it was being lowered as the top political leadership had taken billions of rupees loans from the bank and lower interest rates benefit them by lowering debt payments. He deplored that the poor and middle classes were befooled by the leadership in the name of Sasti roti scheme and income support scheme. It is a cruel joke to say that utility stores and Friday markets could solve inflation issue alone, Daniyal added.