KARACHI - Ufone has introduced many groundbreaking and innovative value-added services over the years. Keeping up with this tradition, Ufone has now offered 'UTrack Business which is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the corporate sector, says a Press release. UTrack Business provides a complete employee tracking and management solution, allowing businesses to track their work force, ensuring effectiveness and safety, all via a self-care web portal. Ufone is the first operator to launch such a service for thecorporate sector and currently is leading by highest number of corporate accounts. Basic features of UTrack Business are; location of employees is displayed on a map within the main web interface, businesses can track their workforce every 30 minutes and 1 hour. Most importantly multiple hierarchies/accounts can be created under one main account e.g. Head Quarter & regional accounts or manager/team based accounts. This groundbreaking service comes with an inventory management solution as part of UTrack Business Add-on; this innovative and powerful business tool allows a single window solution for inventory management and employee tracking. This add-on is particularly useful for FMCGs and pharmaceutical companies who have a high inventory turn-overrate.