ISLAMABAD - British Home Secretary Theresa May on Thursday rejecting some media reports said that London Police Commissioner had mistakenly gave the statement about arrest of two accused by Pakistanis intelligence agencies in connection with Dr Imran Farooq murder case. She was addressing a joint press conference along with her Pakistani counterpart Interior Minister Rehman Malik after the conclusion of bilateral consultations held at the Ministry of Interior. Ruling out the possibility of any arrests in the case, she further said that investigations were still underway. Rehman Malik endorsing his counterpart said that he stood by his previous statement that Pakistan had made no arrest in the case. Our Foreign Office had received a letter from the UK ambassador in Pakistan asking the Pakistani authorities that whether any accused had been arrested in the case as published by some section of the press, he said adding that all intelligence agencies had denied any such arrests on the query of Interior Ministry. The London Police Commissioner, some days ago, had said that two alleged killers of Dr Imran Farooq had been arrested from Karachi. Both sides during the joint press conference reiterated their firm resolve to face and tackle the shared challenges posed by terrorism and extremism saying this was in the interest of both the nations for a broad based strategic partnership as both the nations were facing such threats. The British Home Secretary and the Interior Minister agreed ways to monitor new initiatives through a new senior official led Migration Joint Working Group, which will meet on an annual basis to discuss the full migration agenda. The group will bring experts from the United Kingdom and Pakistan together to discuss all issues relating to migration focusing on visa operations, illegal migration, human trafficking, border control and migration policy. They said that breadth and depth of the Enhanced Strategic Dialogue, launched during UK Prime Minister David Camerons visit to Pakistan in April this year, reflected the longstanding ties between the people of both the countries. The joint statement says, Our intensive diplomatic efforts; bilaterally, multilaterally, and in concert with key partners, are complemented by a growing programme of counter-terrorism liaison. This includes UK support to military and policing and supporting the development of strong institutions and machinery of government The British Home Secretary said that Pakistan was on the front line while fighting extremism and rendered great sacrifices in fighting the war against terrorism than any other country and UK reaffirmed its commitment to fight against this menace. We, ourselves, are victim of the war against terrorism and Pakistan is not only fighting this war for its own peace but for the entire world to make it terrorism free, Malik reciprocating said. He said that Pakistan had sacrificed more than 36,000 lives of people and born financial losses of $62 billion in the war against terrorism and extremism. He thanking UK government in its co-operation in the field of counter-terrorism said it had also agreed to help them in improving the capacity of law enforcement agencies. He also described Pakistans efforts in countering IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). He said that the UK was already gifting 18 explosive trace detectors to Pakistan and will look to extend that assistance in the near future.