LAHORE It has become a fashion in this country to criticise and drag security agencies and national institutions into politics either for no aim or reason to serve someone else purposes. It is not clear, whether we are doing so to prove it to the world that how independent we are or we say all this nonsense in ignorance without thinking whose agenda we are following. Pakistan is passing through an intricate phase in which war on terrorism, political instability, economic crisis and natural calamities have made Pakistan more vulnerable to anti-State propaganda being launched by hostile elements for the completion of their own agenda. A good number of politicians and many so-called liberal journalists and TV anchorpersons always leave no stone unturned to criticise the national and sensitive institutions just to improve their programme ranking or for political point-scoring. Now-a-days, many politicians either while addressing public gatherings or when they appear on TV talk shows claim that they have 'irrefutable evidences against the countrys premier intelligence agency ISI, or Pakistan Army on various political issues. Politicians are generally supposed to be more careful in their claims of possessing evidences. Instead of discussing such sensitive matters in TV programmes and public meetings, they should approach the courts or the concerned institutions to establish their point of view. The political leaders who drag our national institutions like Pakistan Army, ISI etc, unnecessarily into politics just to create a win-win situation should also understand that such institutions are above all politics. In fact, we indulge or become part of the American sponsored propaganda campaign against Pakistan Army and ISI. Be that Abbottabad action or terrorist attack on Pak Navy Mehran Base in Karachi, TV anchorpersons and journalists try to prove that they have first hand information which is even more credible than that in possession of security agencies. This is totally a farce. Worldwide, the national institutions are given great respect and nobody dare to criticise such organisations. You will never see and find an American undermining Pentagon, or CIA actions. Similarly, you never be able to identify one Indian politician who criticise their intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) or New Delhis Kashmir policy. No British politician or journalist ever criticise his countrys Ireland policy, where tens of thousands of innocent people were mercilessly killed by British armed forces. In 2006, American Congress approved a bill to invest several billion dollars in the third worlds print and electronic media to propagate their own point of view. There is no dearth of columnists, politicians, and TV anchorpersons in Pakistan, who project the US point of view and follow their agenda. There are many Pakistani journalists who, having different agenda, project Pakistan in bad light on minority issue. Renowned Ahmadi leadership and the US 'spokesmen always show Pakistani minorities in bad shape. They even blame the government and the Armed Forces for having anti-minority agenda, without realising that government and Armed Forces had allowed the deserving individuals to rise to top levels of their career in Pakistan. In fact Pakistan is the best country where rights of minorities are well looked after. Anti-Pakistan elements including foreign media, Indo-US-Israel intelligence agencies and their spin doctors are cunningly propagating against alleged discriminatory treatment given to minorities in Pakistan. Since Pakistan is steadfastly engaged to eliminate religious extremism and fight the menace of terrorism, the detractors have found it aptly suitable to exploit Pakistans vulnerability when its Armed Forces and other national institutions are being attacked by both terrorists and some of their associates who are religious extremists. The government and Armed Forces have firm resolve to eliminate these terrorists and religious extremists. Those who are propagating against the allegedly appalling treatment being accorded to minorities in Pakistan are actually the perpetrators of crimes against minorities. There are perceptions in the minds of common Pakistanis that most of the sectarian attacks are sponsored and funded by foreign agencies having anti Pakistan designs. There are clear signs that even the terrorists including TTP have foreign connections as they get financial support, lethal weapons and sophisticated equipment to undertake suicide bombing, and other terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. Most of the violent incidents against minority leaders took place due to personal enmity and local social and political disputes within the minorities. To link these incidents with the religious motivation of other majority sects insinuating tacit approval of the government, is totally ridiculous.