MULTAN-The platform of the Emersonians is open to everybody who wishes to work for the betterment of Govt Emerson College established in 1920 by Lord Emerson for imparting education to people of the area.

“We will move forward for improving the status of Govt Emerson College and opinion of every member of the association will be honoured. The institutions start working on small scale but with constant struggle it could be get strengthened, said Emersonians President Farogh Naveed while speaking at the annual dinner of the association.

He said that he had not only graduated from the college, but also taught and stayed in the college from 1952 to1963 and had an emotional attachment with college as well as Multan. The Emersonians President said that he knew that they needed to generate funds for smooth functioning of the association as ‘money makes the mare go.’  Senior Vice President Dr Raizul Haq said that they believed in gradualism and hope that the association would receive more members with the passage of time. He maintained that they will have to cut their coat according to their sheet. He mentioned the services of Naeem Chaudhry, Fayyaz Tehsin and Maulvi Sultan Alam for drafting Constitution of the association.

Emersonins General Secretary Fayyaz Tehsin while addressing the ceremony thanked the participants for showing commitment to the cause of welfare of the college, especially for its elevation as university. Maulvi Multan Alam tabled a resolution for the elevation of the college which was adopted by the members unanimously. Earlier, the executive body of the association was elected unopposed on Nov 17 due to single nomination for each post of the association. Established in 1920, the GEC has a prominent place in the public and private sector education institutions of the area and offering masters in English, Urdu, International Relations, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Islamaiyat etc.