ISLAMABAD  - The government has not yet decided to increase the support price of wheat after demand from agricultural representatives to encourage the farmers to expand their wheat-sowing area.

The government does not, perhaps, believe that increase in support price of wheat would impact its production in the country. The officials said that in coming days Ministry of Food Security and Research will hold meetings on the issue and will announce the support price while taking onboard all the stakeholders.

Regarding the wheat production, the government officials believe that it would be at least 25 million tons that will be enough to the demand in the country. Officials said that Met office has predicted more rains in the coming days as water is very important in wheat production so there are expectations of better output of the product.

It is pertinent to mention here that for the current year the government had a total of 25.3 million tons of wheat available including the carry forward stock from previous year and it had to import 300,000 tons of wheat from Russia that was inferior in quality and expensive in price. The imported wheat cannot be used without mixing it with the local wheat.

If the production meets the expectations of the government even then as per experts it might not be possible to fulfill the total demand of wheat in the country and the government has to import wheat in coming year.

It is to be noted that experts also reject the view point of government that supporting wheat price does not play a role in increasing wheat sowing area. They believe that the incentives are the very basic thing that is required to achieve food security target in the country.