ISLAMABAD  - Despite making tall claims of making the Parliament powerful and vibrant, the legislators sitting on both sides of aisle failed to make the standing committees of the Lower House of the Parliament functional and so far only 11 out of 29 committees are ready to function while rest of the committees have not even called its inaugural sessions.

Sources in the government informed that the delay in completion of these committees was due to the opposition parties, which had so far failed to finalise the chairmanship of some seven committees.

Sources in the National Assembly Secretariat confirmed to The Nation that   despite repeated assurances by the opposition parties none of the opposition parties had given names of the chairman to head seven standing committees allocated to them as per their strength in the Lower House.

The sources further said that lately the opposition parties including PPP, PTI and MQM had assured the Speaker National Assembly that they would give the names to head these standing committees before November 15 but even after the lapse of well over a week the National Assembly Secretariat still awaited the nominations from the opposition parties.

The sources in the government informed that Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) in consultation with its allies in the Parliament has finalised names to fill the chairmanship of rest of 11 standing committees falling in their quota and most likely the names of these chairmen would be announced in the first week of December while these committees would also become functional during the next month.

The sources in the PML-N informed The Nation that Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif had expressed his displeasure over the undue delay in the formation of standing committees of the National Assembly and directed the minister concerned to expedite the process and also address to the concerns of the opposition parties regarding their share in the standing committees.

On the other hand Pakistan People's Party was in contact with Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf to resolve the differences over the chairmanship of the standing committees and hopefully the matter would be resolved in the next week or so, a source in Pakistan People's Party informed.