NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA: A ravenous eight-foot shark was close to meeting its end when it choked on a moose it was trying to gobble up. The ferocious animal in Newfoundland, Canada, was only saved from certain death when passers-by realised it was in distress.

At first Derrick Chaulk thought the stranded fish was a beached whale, until he caught sight of its sharp teeth. ‘The moose had the fur and all the liner on it - it was about two feet long, ‘ Mr Chaulk told CBS Canada. ‘He swallowed and got it halfway down - but then he couldn’t cough it back up, or get it all down. I think the tide then brought him in.’

Mr Chaulk and another onlooker, Jeremy Ball, managed to remove the part of the moose that was stuck in the shark’s throat. The animal was then able to swim away after regaining its bearings.–Metro