Pakistan is filled with natural resources such as coal, gas, gold, copper, oil etc. which can be vital to revive its dying economy. However, there is a lack of local expertise that can be utilized to explore and exploit these resources. Pakistan’s economy now relies only on agriculture as industry has been rendered incapacitated due to acute shortage of gas and electricity supply. There is a dire need to take steps to revive economy for the country’s social and economic upheaval. More jobs need to be created; more education needs to be imparted for expanding the human resource pool; more technical and technological projects have to be launched for stepping up to the fast paced global economy.

The list of measures that need to be taken for diversifying Pakistan’s economy is not exhaustive. However, there needs to be a starting point. One particular suggestion which has been coming to fore repeatedly is the need for wholesale reforms in Pakistan’s education sector. Currently corruption, nepotism, bad governance and lack of qualified teachers and experts have made the education system crumble to its knees.  Nowadays, the factors which effect economy are changing at the speed of light and the only way to keep up with them is through their up to date knowledge which can only be gained if education in made common and accessible among people. Improving education can also lead to and improved understanding of evolving technologies and how these can also be implemented in diversifying economy for increasing GDP.

Innovative and young minds should be invited and given an opportunity to put forward their ideas to overhaul the education sector as conventional approach has failed time and again leading to the current disastrous sate of education sector. International participation in education development forums should be made a mandatory requirement so that the problems for Pakistan’s education sector can be tabled and discussed there and in return their valuable feedback could be used to improve education sector in Pakistan.

One important forum at which Pakistan needs to participate on regular basis is the World Innovation Summit for Education which has been established by Qatar Foundation in 2009. This forum has made possible the participation of multiple sectors of counties along with education to encourage their participation in furthering the goal for global education. Primarily this forum discusses and rewards participants who have been pro-actively taking up the issue of introducing innovative methods in education. This forum has not seen Pakistan’s participation as proactively as it should have whereas many of the third world countries and developing countries participated and taken advantage of ideas put forward by other participants. This year for the first time in their summit, a session for Ministers was held which is a sign that there is going to be increased political leadership participation in the forum and Pakistan should be taking full advantage by participating in such a meeting and should be represented by economic affairs and education ministers so that both can put forward Pakistan’s interlinked problems and gather feedback from countries faced with similar situations and how they are and have been overcoming them.

This could be the starting point for the long lost dream of economic upheaval that the country’s grief stricken population has been searching for since their freedom.