LAHORE - The National Industrial Relation Commission of Pakistan (NIRC) has approved the internal election of Federal Revenue Alliance Employees Union for next three years, besides favouring amendments in the constitution of the union.

The NRC Court member Saukat Goraya, in his verdict has rejected all complaints filed against the union.

The union central president Mian Abdul Qayyum has welcomed the approval of NRC and greeted the all newly-elected office-bearers, as this is the victory of whole staff of the department who shown their full confidence to the team of union. He pledged that the union will continue to work like in the past and fulfill the requirements of their fellows in future too.

On this occasion, Mian Abdul Qayyum stated that the top priority of the FBR Union’s next three years will be to get approval of Housing scheme for the FBR employees, medical complex and facility of transportation for staff. He pointed out that FBR’s 4000 acre of land in Hoxbay should be retrieved from the land grabbers and set up FBR housing Society there.

He appealed to the chief justice, prime minister, Sindh chief minister and finance minister to get retrieved this vast and valuable land of FBR. When land of FBR is not safe from land grabbers who the common man’s property will be safe, he asked the authorities.

He said this vast property in Hoxbay was allotted to the then CBR in 1947 but due to carelessness of the authorities the whole area went into the illegal occupation of land grabbers. He asked the authorities to announce establishment of housing colony, medical complex and schools and colleges for the children of FBR employees on the retrieved land of FBR in Hoxbay.