ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan has welcomed the understanding reached between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P-5+1 (a group of six world powers) over the former’s nuclear programme in Geneva talks.

Being a brotherly neighboring country of Iran, Pakistan has always underscored the importance of a peaceful solution to the issue, said a statement released by the Foreign Office here Sunday.

“We have also been stressing the need to avert any confrontation over Iran’s nuclear programme which had the potential to destabilise our region,” FO spokesperson Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry said in the statement.

“It is an important development which should augur well for peace and security in our region and the world at large.”

Those senior diplomats The Nation talked to said it was a major development that would contribute towards stability of the region.

They were of the view that the government should rope in Russia in the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, saying, “If Pakistan succeeds in engaging the Russian Federation in this project, it would greatly help stabilize the entire region.”

With a deep presence of major powers, including China, in the region, Russian role in regional development was much desired for the strategic stability, commented a retired envoy, Akram Zaki. 

About a breakthrough between Iran and western powers, the senior diplomats believed that President Obama’s administration as a matter of policy had engaged Iran for quite some time now that led to the landmark agreement.