LAHORE  - The three-day Forth International Literary and Cultural Conference organised by Alhamra Arts Council attracted a large number of people on Sunday.

On the second day of the conference, first session on humor and comic writing was presided over by Mushtaq Yousafi while Dr Younis Butt was chief guest of the sitting. Shujaat Hashmi, Zahid Masood, Ashfaq Ahmed Virk, Gul-e-Naukhaiz Akhtar, Waqar Khan, Ali Raza Ahmed, Hussain Sherazi, Hafiz Muzafar Mohsin, KL Narang Saqi and Abrar Nadeem addressed the session.

The second session on ‘technology and arts’ was addressed by film director Syed Noor, Agha Nasir, renowned drama writer Haseena Moeen, drama writer Asghar Nadeem Syed, Dr Younis Javed, Khalid Riaz, Dr Qasim and Abdur Rauf.

Speakers were of the view that modern technology had left serious impacts upon the showbiz industry. They said due to flourishing technological advancement human brilliance of good writers, actors and musicians were being discouraged. They said artisan had now understood the utility of technology and were using it for advantage. They said technology had helped in improving the standard of production of art, in general and of film in particular. They also pointed out that with or without technology, as long as the quality of creativity and artistic skill was set a high, the overall result was admirable.

They also shed light on historical perspective of the relationship between fine arts and technology in the subcontinent. Asghar Nadeem Syed moderated the session.

The third session was held on ‘Theatre—Today and Tomorrow’ was coordinated by Usman Pirzada while the panelists were Dawar Mehmood, Masood Akhtar, Mohammad Qavi Khan and Ahmed Shah.

The forth session on the topic ‘Urdu in Indian—Language of Muslims?’ was hosted by Dr Khawaja Mohammad Zikaria, Ata ul Haq Qasmi, Dr Tehseen Firaqi and Athar Farooqi from India.

On the occasion, Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik, Kishwar Naheed and Dr Tahir Taunsvi were chief guests. The panelists were Dr Khawaja Mohammad Ikramud Din from India, Dr Ali Mohammad Fatemi from India, DR Kavel Dheer from India, Dr Najeed Jamal from Pakistan and Dr Abdul Wahid from Bangladesh.

A mefil-e-mushaira was also organised on the second day which was presided over by Zafar Iqbal. Muno Bhai was chief guest on occasion while poets including Rahat Andovri, Farhat Ehsaas, Alina Itrat from India and a large number from Pakistanin poets presented their poetry.