islamabad -  The Federal Ombudsman Salman Faruqui on Thursday inaugurated Complaint Redress Mechanism for entertaining and resolving complaints within 15 days. Under this mechanism complaints resolution cells have been established in 181 federal ministries, departments and agencies where deputy secretary level focal person, designated as Grievance Liaison Officer, will entertain and resolve complaint within 15 days.

All the cells set up in government departments would be connected with the Complaint Management Information System (CMIS) of Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat.

In case compliant is not resolved within the given time then the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat would intervene for citizen facilitation.

Addressing the focal persons appointed by their respective departments, Faruqui said that the idea behind launching this mechanism was to install an in-house institutional system for redressal of grievances and thereby improve the governance status of the departments.

He said self-accountability of public administration institutions in developed countries was an integral part of their democratic system.

He said, “It was our collective responsibility to address maladministration, increase efficiency and bring transparency in the operation of the government machinery.”

He said that accessibility to the complainants as grievance officer of your agency could make a great difference, adding that it was the foremost duty of a government functionary to serve the public and satisfy the citizens.

Faruqi said in this era of globalization, nations are closely watched by international community, especially in the context of human rights violations.  He said, “We must commit ourselves to improve our image in the community of nations.”

Justice (Retd) Ali Nawaz Chauhan in his address said that delay in administrative decisions by government agencies result in maladministration and denial of rights to the common citizens.

Appreciating the role of ombudsman, he said it was this institution, which has been helping the suffering citizens, adding dispensation of justice was essential for the promotion of civilization and social values of a society.

Justice Chauhan said the institution of ombudsman in Pakistan is poised to play much bigger role in future in providing relief to people against maladministration and thereby protecting their fundamental rights.

Secretary Law and Justice Division Sarwar Khan praised the role of ombudsman in resolving common man’s problems.