By Shiza Salam Butt

Once there was a friend

More than just a friend

A perfect & never failing friend

Who understand each expression,

Whose light outleantseverywhere,

 Whose gallantries won hearts

Whose absence leaves a big mark.

Once there was a friend

More than just a friend

Whose virtue leads attention

Who left antecedents now and forever

I want vestige a trace of that dear one

I am living inquietude thou, I am alive

I am regretting but regretting for what?

I am enduring but enduring for what?

I am exasperated but do lithe enough

All in short is I’ve lost

Someone whom I loved.

I remember, a friend who would always be there

Who loves the night and silver sphere

Who loves the rainbow and rain a lot

Who loves the sunken sun and rising one

And now its quiet everywhere

The world should listen as I am listening now

I admonished my friend never to leave,

But who can deny the God’s will?

I want to know where that person is?

Alive or gone for eternity

It’s too late now

It’s too late to trace

But I will always remember a friend

Who taught me how to alive….

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 1, 2016