By Abbira Hassan

I used to listen that life is not a bed of roses, but, Alhamdulillah for me, life is a bed of roses. I take life as a simple, organized, smooth and a beautiful gift from Allah almighty. No doubt thorns are complementary with roses, but, due to these little thorns I can't ignore those beautiful roses which have made my life a paradise on earth. I am a simple, positive and a caring girl. I am a girl before whom you can open your heart and the one you can trust.

I took birth in an educated, revered and renowned family of Bahawalpur. My family named me "Abbira", means fragrance. I am blessed with three brothers, two are elder than me and one is younger. I am the only sister and also the only daughter of my parents, now you can easily imagine my importance in their life.

I don't remember my childhood, but according to my parents I was a healthy, chubby and an innocent child. When I was about three months, we attended a function where I won a prize of healthy child among all other children. I started my education from Pioneer High School, a revered school in the town. When I was in class two my parents decided to perform hajj. My elder brothers remained at home with grandmother and uncle while me and my younger brother moved to Islamabad with phopho. It was another beautiful phase of my life. I was living without parents for the first time, but, I enjoyed and learnt a lot of new things. One of the funniest and cutest incident was, we didn't eat capsule in our life before that time, phopho gave us a capsule of fish oil, but me and my brother were totally blank. Phopho taught us that how to eat capsule. Then after the practice of weeks we are able to eat capsule. There are a lot of such memories which I know remeber with surprises as well as pride.

In everyone's life a lucky moment enters when they come to know about their hidden qualities. Same happened with me when I was in class eight. We were going to moenjodaro and my parents asked to present the whole journey on a paper.Then for the first time I wrote an article named, "Moenjodaro Ke Sair " and everyone loved that. My article was published in a newspaper and a magazine too. At that time I realized that I had inherited a writing quality from my ancestors, I was very happy and lucky. One of my uncles read that article and he said that your father had helped you in writing this, I said: "No, it was totally my effort." Then he asked me to write a word, that word was very difficult, but, as I wrote it by myself so it was not difficult for me and then he gifted me 100 Rupees.

I am a person whose spirits elevate with compliments. If someone comments me that you are doing good then next time I will put double effort for making it better. After the positive response to the first article I wrote a second article named "Main Aur Meri Nani Ammi" in her memory after her death. In this way till now I have compiled 12 articles in 7 years, which were published in different magazines and newspapers.

It was always my wish to visit a village, my wish was fulfilled when I was in class 9th. My tuition teacher was going to the village and she offered me to join them. At that time I visited the village for the first time. I saw their culture, houses made up of mud, everything was new for me, I was very excited.

After matriculation I did ICS from Punjab Group Of Colleges then I got addmission in The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur for BA(Hons) English. Now I have completed my two semesters Alhamdulillah. I am a girl who always tries to find happiness even in little moments. I always try to be positive, to think positive. I believe that why be negative when we can be positive.

A few months ago my father got ill and doctor refered him for an open heart surgery, that was the hardest time of my life. I pray Allah to erase those moments from my life and to never send them back, Ameen.

A month ago another lucky moment came into my life, I came to know that teaching is the profession where I can give my best. As now a days there are summer vacation and I am free from university, so, I joined a "Parwaan Preschool Teaching Training - A School Readiness Program". During this training I realize that teaching is best for me and I can be a good teacher.

Now I will not say a good bye because it's not the end of my life, it's the end of some pages of my life. So, I am pressing the pause button and will resume for completing the story of my life, Insha’Allah.

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 1, 2016