By Sajida Khadim

What inspired you to start a welfare organization?

Love for the humanity & my country was in my inheritance. I was always looking for chances to do something which may help Pakistan grow or alleviate someone's pain.

I used to see people working for different humanity service causes in their own capacities. I wanted to create a synergy so that these efforts may be organized better and resources may also be saved.

What was your age when you started this organization?

 More than 20 years.

What is the story behind the name of your organization?

Pakistan Citizens Alliance is a vision and it will take time to realize the true meaning of the name it has. It's a dream to involve the Citizens in making the lives of other Citizens happy and more productive than before. It's about living for the others. And it also encompasses the awareness of Citizens' rights in masses.

What areas do you cover under your organization?

Mainly we cover the field of Education under which we have 2 schools and 2 scholarship programs. Moreover, we work for Community Development through our different projects and also play our role in emergency situations like natural disasters.

Why you choose to work on education specifically?

Because our core philosophy is that without fulfilling the basic need of education which is also a source of awareness, it's practically not possible to bring about any change in society. So, following the same thought, we have chosen to spread Education & literacy as our basic goal and aim.

Don’t you find it difficult to manage your personal, professional and this welfare work all together?

No doubt, it's a challenge and it takes a lot of priority shuffling most of the times. But when there's an aim in life, you got to put it first and above all and when you do that, things work out whether it's about time management or any other resources' management.

What is your education background and do you find any difference between education system now and then and how is your organization contributing in it?

I am an Electronics Engineer and I think Education system is gradually going down in our country due to heavy commercialization since it has become a business too. It has rendered extremely negative effects on our Education system. The current system is not coherent with our socio-cultural norms & values and our kids are growing up with complete false picture of the world.

Out organization addresses these issues in its curriculum and we are also trying to inculcate methods to counter these problems in our teaching methods.

What was your biggest achievement during your childhood?

I would Say, managing to keep my dreams of life, high enough despite all the unfavourable circumstances which I had, is the biggest achievement I have had, because that is what leads to high achievements in life.

Do you feel tired sometimes?

Yes frankly, sometimes it happens. But what keeps us all going is the end goal in mind that generates motivation. That is a complete fantasy and any level of hard work is worth it.

How the people close to you feel about your work and how supportive you found them throughout?

It varies from people to people. Some are very encouraging all various manners and some merely laugh at what they deem of it - impractical.

What was most challenging thing throughout the journey?

Keeping the people motivated and finding the self-motivated companions who would work spontaneously.

Did the thought of giving up ever crossed your mind as it is not an easy thing to cop-up with?

Not completely giving up, but yes, it happened many times that I was scared of the work required to achieve our milestones and ultimate goals. Besides, one's personal, family and social life requirements make it further challenging to manage both sides along.

How it feels when you think that someone’s life is in complete transformation because of you?

It's a heavenly feeling, that's all I would say for this. It can't be described but felt only, just like love.

What was the most emotional moment of your life?

I think this is the hardest to figure out. I have had a series. Having my School achievements to getting into university, finding some greatly amazing people in life to accomplishing some significant milestones in social work, getting a job n first salary to getting engaged, my brothers' results to their university admissions, there has been a complete series & I find it hard to figure out what should be on the top.

In this tough routine what is it that you find most relaxing and soothing?

I believe, looking at a smiling face & knowing that you are the reason behind that smile is the most soothing & amazing feeling. Looking at someone's accomplishments & knowing that you did a bit in it, makes the heart full of bliss!

What was your dream when you were a kid?

To become a pilot, then it shifted to becoming a powerful bureaucrat or a politician.

Who is your ideal?

Prophet Muhammad PBUH and many of His close followers.

What are your future aims and goals regarding your organization?

To develop a team of passionate individuals who can carry the meaning and aim of the organization for which it was formed, with complete responsibility! To achieve excellence in providing free education to deserving & bright students would stay as our fundamental objective.

What is that of yours that is yet not accomplished?

Desires are small, goals and aims are high and I have just started to walk toward the highest goals of my life. So, I have to achieve everything yet!!!!!!

What is your vision about life?

To be productive to the maximum I can and I alter as many lives as I can!

What do you think you would be doing if not social work?

I think we do what we were meant to do!

How would you describe your journey in one word?


Published in Young Nation magazine on October 1, 2016