islamabad - Ex Army Chief Mirza Aslam Baig Thursday said that negotiations must be held with Taliban to reach a conclusion regarding current situation in Afghanistan.

United States and its allies have met the defeat in Afghanistan; however, they are reluctant to accept the reality.

Air University’s faculty ‘Humanities’ arranged a lecture of former Chief of Army Staff (COAS) to discuss the impacts of post Soviet invasion in Pakistan under the banner of ‘Pakistan’s Security Dynamics Post Soviet Invasion’.

The lecture was attended by hundreds of students and members of the faculty to get insight and historic knowledge of events occurred after the fall of Soviet Union.

Former COAS, who was the witness of key events since 1980 told the students that Soviet Union accepted defeat before Afghan Mujahideen and asked for the safe passage to leave their land.

However, he said, America then decided not to transfer the power to Afghan Mujahideen and abandoned Afghan people which ultimately led to a civil war there. 

“That civil war gave more damage to Afghanistan than it was given in Soviet war,” he said.

According former COAS the Afghan Taliban were the junior commanders of Afghan Mujahideen who fought the war, and later on they consumed the power and established their government in almost 90 per cent land of Afghanistan till the US launched a ‘crusade’ against ‘Islamic world’ in 2001.

He said, 1973 constitution was made under the national purpose which proposed democracy and implementation of Islamic laws in the country but the part of Islamic Law never remained a priority.

“Neither military nor civilian governments worked to implement the Islamic laws described in constitution,” he said. He said the international intelligence agencies are working against Pakistan and spread their network in Afghanistan after 9/11 and used the Afghan people against Pakistani soil.

He said, “Afghan people have always remained friends of Pakistan and they keep close relations with our country, but international powers including India and US don’t want a stable Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

“Quaid-e-Azam seeing the cordial relations on both sides of the border had decided not to deploy army on western borders,” he said.

Generel (Rtd) Baig also criticized Musharraf’s policy of accepting US demands and being an ally of America after 9/11 attacks.

He said, whenever government started the negotiations with Pakistani Taliban, US damaged the peace efforts by hitting the TTP leadership with drones.

According to ex-COAS, all international powers hold the strategic partnership to contain and curb the China and Muslim world.

“CPEC is also the target of forces working against Pakistan and China in the region,” he said.

Referring to Turkish President’s visit, he said the head of the state conveyed the message to Pakistani leadership that Pakistan is facing three serious threats in current situation.

“Threat of DAESH from western borders, ideological division of religious and liberal thoughts and the most dangerous sectarian division,” he said. He said international powers working against Pakistan are exploiting these three elements to destabilize the country.