By Zoya Ashraf

In the magic of dawn,

A butterfly came with shuddering wings,

Like she was scouting her loved one,

I wondered with dazzelness,

And went straight into my soundless misery,

She touched me with soft velvety touch ,

a passionate spirit passed into me,

Making all the way into my soul " What a unseen beauty"

I mused,

Click I pressed the button of my camera,

And caged the alive beauty of sadness,

Then in the next moment,

She passed with time

Uncounted ages passed that I saw her again,

In the cold frozen season,

But this time she was moveless,

   She was Dead!

She was covered in Mirror- Frame of ice,

Like the picture streched on the walls of an art gallery,

Although, darkness in her eyes was still there,

But the glossy wings were motion less,

Click, I pressed the button,

A Dead-lock body caged in my camera,

Both of the pictures are sticked in my living room,

In the aspects of each other,

Life and Death are both beautifull,

And on the golden ash of her memory,

Whenever, the raises of sun fell it sparks.

 Published in Young Nation magazine on October 1, 2016