KARACHI -  As many as dozen suspects were arrested in various operations and raids carried out by law-enforcement agencies here on Thursday.

According to details, heavy contingents of Rangers cordoned off Lines Area and during door to door search operation picked up three suspected criminals and also recovered weapons from their possession.

The suspects were shifted to an unknown location for further investigation, while their identities are yet to be disclosed.

On the other hand, police has claimed that it has rounded up at least seven suspects in various raids.

Iqbal Market police said on Thursday it had arrested Kareem and also recovered a Kalashnikov and two hand grenades from them.

Police officials disclosed that the accused had also been arrested earlier in various criminal cases, but were released on bail.

Madian Colony police station and West Zone police have also claimed to have nabbed around five alleged criminals and recovered weapons from their possession. While Surjani Town police said it had arrested two persons associated with drug mafia and recovered two kilograms of marijuana from their possession.

Meanwhile, maritime force has also claimed to have arrested three Iranian fishermen over maritime border violation.

According to details, Pakistan Maritime security agencies carried out a search operation in Gwadar and Jivani and arrested three Iranian fishermen and also took the boat into custody.

The accused persons were shifted to an unknown location for further investigation.

However, they are still to be handed over to police.