By Faryal Amer

“Stop, stop fighting you both” shouted mama Mariyum to Sami and Zubair, when Mariyum found them fighting in the park in evening.

“leave his collar Sami”, said Mariyum, listening this, Sami left the collar of Zubair and angrily left the place and sat on the nearby bench in the park.

Mariyum came to Sami and asked him the reason of quarrel. “it was my turn of bating and Zubair was doing cheating”, said Sami.

Listening to Sami, Mariyum also called Zubair closer to her, who was standing near to the pitch in the ground.

Mariyum asked the same question to Zubair. “Sami used abused language first then I reacted and slapped him”, said Zubair.

“no mama! He was doing cheeting and he slapped me too” replied Sami.

“keep quite you both! You both are grown enough! Is it the way of fighting? It’s not a habbit of a good person.” Do you know what our religion teaches us?”, questioned Mariyum

No” said both Zubair and Sami.

“our religion does not allow us to use harsh words to any person even to our enemy, Islam teaches us to practice patience, during the time of anger” our Holy Prophet Hazzarat Muhammad (SAW) is the biggest example of this, He never abuses anyone at anycost. He always forgives even to His worst enemies.”

“Let me tell you an incident from His life, while preaching Islam, during His time, a Jewish woman always used to through the trash on Muhammad (SAW) whenever He passes from the street, in front of her house. This practice continued for many days but Muhammad (SAW) neither complaint nor reacted on it.

One day, while passing through that street again, in front of the house of that women, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) found that no one threw the trash on Him. Noticing this even the third day, He went to that woman house to find the reason of not throwing trash on Him. After entering in the house of  that woman, He came to know that the jewish woman was sick enough……….”

And do you know what Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) did after knowing the sickness of the jewish woman?”

questioned Mariyum to the boys

The boys replied in “no”

Mariyum continued and said, “ He started taking care of that woman on daily basis till she recovered from her sickness. And as a result, she accepted Islam as her religion.”

Listening the whole story, both the boys started starring each other in shameful manners.

After looking at the faces of both the boys, mama said “ my boys, don’t be ashamed, but realize and learn with the things that our religion teaches us.” “ because the person who fight with others or uses bad words, is not considered a good person and at the end that person remain alone, no one becomes his friend then”.

“so do you want that people call you bad boys”, asked Mariyum.

“no! We admit our mistake”, the boys said in one voice.

“So what have you learnt from all I told you?” Mariyum asked

“That we should not fight with each other and should not use abuse words too”, replied the boys.

“That’s very nice”. Said Mariyum happily.

“I am sorry Zubair”. Said Sami at the very next moment

“and I am sorry too, and I will not do the cheeting again”, said Zubair

“and we promise that we will not fight again” said both the boys.

“ I am proud of you my boys”, said Mariyum

Both the boys shaked their hand with each other and after happily saying good bye to each other, Sami left the park with her mother and returned for the house.

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 1, 2016