By Shumail Hassan

British Geological Survey after toiling for forty years at making the gravity map of UK came to know that value of gravity is different in different regions of UK. The gravity anomalies can be seen on planet earth. Mathematicians are still working on it. We often have heard people coming from pilgrimage of Jin Valley 35 Kilometers away from Madinah. People call it so due to the strange behavior of valley. Cars here move uphill on their own at about 20-30 kilometers/hour. Leave your car on neutral and see what happens. Even water shows the same behavior when threw. People call it reverse gravity while some resort to saying it an ‘illusion’. But this is not the case with this so-called vale of Saudi Arabia. It has been recorded in several other areas worldwide that things move against the gravity rule. Some superstitious name it some spooky hill, others call it gravity hill or magnetic hill. According to a recent estimate, about 80 such places have been found in countries like Brazil, Canada, China, France, New South Wales, Southern Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, England, Romania etc.

Scientists working upon such places have ruled out all the chances of magnetic effects, gravitational fluctuations and the ghosts. They say it is merely an illusion of eyes. It is seen that these spooky places are hilly areas and it is observed that we cannot see ground level accurately leading towards the fact that we often take the descent as ascent mistakenly. Actually in hill stations, it is usually difficult to envision the horizon clearly and the nearby lying trees, hills, walls, building structures trap us in saying wrong things. So if people are standing at a slope of 5 degrees, they take it as 1 degree slope. Similarly they even sometimes see rivers flowing oppositely.

Scientists after presenting this logic and explanation have solved it one-sidedly but places of magnetic hill are seen in Plain areas and on the other hand, British Geological Survey’s gravity and magnetic anomaly maps show that there is something hanky in it.

Who knows that there is a problem in gravity at these places or some power is behind all this.

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 8, 2016