By: Raazia Syed

Baji Najma’s tuition center is very popular in our area. Almost 85 kids are studying there, moreover, fee is affordable, and staff is young and energetic so parents feel good to send their children there. Many fresh graduates and post graduates girls are teachers of this coaching center.

A little boy, named Mehran comes there daily; he is hardly five years old and is in play-group. Mehran is so innocent and cute so Baji and all the children are happy with him.

But nowadays, surprisingly Mehran was not only disturbing Bajibut also other students, and everyone was complaining about him. Mehran’s both parents are doing job and he is a single child .He is very talented as well, as he knows how to spell, he knows about counting and alphabets.

Furthermore, my brother’s kids also study there, one day my brother came and told me that innocent little boy is  very angry and beating a female student. That girl named Sarais shouting for help.

Me and my brother rushed to the tuition center, my brother asked Mehran about all the matter, suddenly he started weeping and said,“I won’t go home,there is nobody to play with me, my parents don’t love me, they doing jobs and come late, I feel frightened, they quarrel with each other, that’s the only reason why I have beaten Sara she was making fun of me that my parents quarrel with each other.

I was thinking that our kids are unsafe even in our homes. We don’t care about their health and studies; we don’t pay attention to them and then complain about their rudeness.

Parents quarrel with each other and expect from children to behave smartly. In the era of digital revolution, where children are exposed to various evils if not dealt correctly, can cause harm not to others but themselves as well.  Therefore, it is high time that we start setting our priorities right and while chasing money forget to acknowledge simple joys of life. This is the only way through which we can save our generation.

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 8, 2016