MULTAN -  Presenting himself for accountability, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Sirajul Haq yesterday demanded the Supreme Court of Pakistan to constitute a commission for carrying out ruthless accountability of all including Mian Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing the members of District Bar Association here at district bar hall on Thursday, he added that the country has to pay $70 billion loan while the money stashed at foreign banks by the corrupt persons amounted to $370 billion. He said that the looters of national wealth have lost their worth in the eyes of masses and even Qatari or Saudi princes could not revive their honour.

He said that he has come out to found a new Pakistan. “I am looking for a Pakistan where there is rule of law and the oppressed gets justice at his doorsteps. But it is unfortunate to see that even lawyers are seeking justice,” he regretted. He said that the South Punjab region has thousands of capable lawyers but they are subjected to sheer injustice as not even a single judge has taken from this region. He warned that the same acts resulted in the disintegration of the country in 1971 and once again ill-advised steps are mounting feelings of deprivation among the residents of neglected areas. He demanded the government to constitute South Punjab and other provinces on administrative grounds.

He pointed out that over 20 million kids are out of school and millions other deprived of healthcare facility while the youngsters are without jobs despite holding degrees. He said that children of the rich study in a separate educational system while the sons of the poor have to study in a totally different educational system. He declared that he would enforce a uniform educational system for entire country besides boosting education budget to five per cent from current 2.42 if he came into power. He added that he would set up so many hospitals that the prime minister would not have to go abroad for his treatment. He said that the senior citizens reaching the age of 70 and unemployed youth would be issued special allowance and only those people would be allowed to run for public offices who would give share from inheritance to their daughters and sisters.

He praised Gen Raheel Sharif and said that the nation respected him for the services he rendered for the country and the nation. He lamented that Pakistan sat silent on hangings of Pro-Pakistan persons in Bangla Desh while on the other hand Turkey withdrew its envoy from Dhaka as a sign of protest.