By Maham Shah

Somewhere between living and dreaming

I look for the sun, I search for the light

I have the light, I have the sun

The earth is round, the seasons are four

Life is in the air and much more

But what is missing, which is so pinching?

This heart I have always asks for more

No greed for money, no greed for fame

It craves for freedom to say what it feels

Pounding with emotions, it seems to break through

Words say a bit but more reserved

Feelings need expression but to be preserved

Life is for once thus say it all or the pressure on you will never fall

The fading past, uncertain future and the present is scattered somewhere

With life you have to cope

No matter how much is theload

Then somewhere between living and dreaming

I found the reason for my existence

The things won’t change, I have to

The world won’t change, I have to

So that I could finally say one day

That somewhere between dreaming and living

 I managed to survives and did it well

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 8, 2016