Shaalim John is a percussionist and plays tabla. He is currently doing his BS from Forman Christian College University.

He gave audition for the All Pakistan Music Conference in solo table category and also represented FCCU. His efforts were got selected and performed for the competition and won the Gold Medal on 20th September 2016. It was the first time in his university’s history that an instrumentalist bagged gold from All Pakistan Music Conference.

Shaalim has properly been learning tabla for the last five years. He is a disciple of Ustad Kamran Serosh (pupil of Bhulli Khan and Wajid Ali Khan).

Shaalim a soloist but knows how to accompany with singers and other instruments. He has been performing with many other singers such as classical and semi-classical singers. In instrumental, he has performed with flute, sitar etc. Tabla is known as the mother of all drums and it is extremely hard to play you cannot play until you get a good position of hands on tabla. Tabla has five families of traditional compositions such as Delhi, Punjab, Ajrada, Lucknow and Farkhabad.

Shaalim is skilled to perform renditions of all families of tabla.

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 8, 2016