By Irsa Asif

We all know that huge population of Pakistan consists of youngsters who play a very effective role in bringing something in to new trends or a new social system, if we talk about our urban Pakistani youth we have observed a big change in the life style of today’s teenagers as compared to those in past 10 years.  Pakistan urban youth is getting more conscious about their class, outlook, physical appearance, they are becoming brands conscious and yes more involved in planning hangouts with their friends  either boys or girls, this trends is getting  more fame with the passage  of time. Selfie craze and then uploading it on their social account have been a tradition in Pakistani society. Specially the youngsters of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

A large number of cafes, restaurants, fast-food outlets, dhabas and informal eateries have mushroomed all over the city targeting customers from various socioeconomic backgrounds. These are largely frequented by the youth and it is becoming more common for young men and women to spend time in cafes and restaurants with groups of friends. This trend has impacted the youth’s eating habits and preferences, social interactions, gender relations, public exposure, and lifestyle.  In Last 10 years Young Females would rarely eat out independently.  In this age, many new restaurants offering Desi food, Chinese cuisine and fast food opened up. Young Unmarried couples started dining out in these restaurants as in increase of so called Reunions and get-togethers.

These kinds of independent hangouts of youngsters are alarming situation for their parents .Many of youngsters get take benefit of their freedom allotted by their families. Restaurants and cafes targeted customers are teenagers, Girls groups, Boys get together and young dates as well. We didn’t see this kind of huge freedom to youngsters ever in last years , In the past recent years teenaaagers were allowed to go outside only with their families /. Late night hanging outs have become common now in all societies. Though it’s not a good act but still most of the teenagers believe it is an act that makes them social and popular. Late night socializing is a trend of West but now Eastern societies are adopting the same trends.

The most terrible thing common to see is that most of the teenagers are still innocent and naive. They are just hanging out because of their peer pressure. It’s a time to think. Think where we are standing. Are we obeying the values of our Islam? Are we true Muslims? I think no. Echoing my thoughts, I will say Western societies are much more loyal with their values than Eastern societies. We are just fooling ourselves, our parents and our values. It’s time to open our mind and eyes before it’s too late to find the way back from the horrible darkness.

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 1, 2016