ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Religious Affairs Pir Ameenul Hasnaat on Friday said that the terrorism is not linked to any faith or creed rather it was usually sponsored by foreign elements.

The minister said that there was complete interfaith harmony in Pakistan and terrorist incidents were an outcome of any disharmony of faith. He said that the government makes all out effort to create an atmosphere of harmony and celebrate officially festivals of non-Muslims.

He said that there is also in place a committee and two sub-committees of Ulema and Mashaikh to promote inter-faith harmony. “We have also invited Pope Francis and an Egyptian scholar for an inter-faith conference in coming days." He said that Ulema Council has representation from all Wifaqs, schools of thought with members from all provinces while conferences and seminars are regularly organised to promote harmony.

He said that the ministry has prepared a calendar of unified timing for Azan and prayer that has been provided to all mosques of Islamabad for implementation. He also informed the House that after 18th constitutional amendment federal government is mandated the tasks of policy and legislation with regard to interfaith harmony in the country.

He said that subjects like safeguarding rights of minorities, promotion of welfare of minorities and all other matters relating to minorities have been devolved to provinces while the responsibility of protecting minorities against discrimination rests with the Ministry of Human Rights.