TOBA TEK SINGH -  The Tehsil administration blacklisted a contractor namely Abdul Razzaq Sahi for committing negligence in repairing tube-wells installed at Bhghat canal.

The canal is located 8 kilometers away from Toba which supplied water to the Toba water works. During his visit of Bhaghat, the Tehsil administrator found that out of 13 tube-wells there, only six had been made operative by the contractor and seven were still out of order.

He said that new boring of the tube-wells pipes and repair of machinery were in progress to redress the complaints of citizens regarding shortage of water. He added that local government secretary had also been written to confiscate security amount of the contractor. He disclosed that the main reason of the water shortage was that several owners of the residential colonies had obtained illegal water supply connections from main supply line coming from Bhaghat to the city. Operation had been launched to cut the connections, he said.

He also said that so far 10 illegal water supply connections installed on Toba-Rajana road had been cut. He stated that a three member committee consisting of TMA Exen Javed Manzoor, TMO Muhammad Aslam and sub engineer Muhammad Tariq will supervise the cutting of unlawful water supply connections and submit a report in this regard each day.