KASUR -  A large number of citizens have fallen prey to digestive disorders and gastrointestinal diseases as fish sellers in the district, reportedly, are selling spurious fish in the name of delicious “Kasuri Fish.”

A survey report conducted by this correspondent reveals that people from across Kasur and adjoining cities, flock to the markets to taste famous Kasuri fish. As Sutlej River follows along Kasur, the fish is found in abundance in the city and is known as speciality of the city. However, the fish sellers cook the fish in spurious oil and rusted pots, causing various digestive disorders and gastrointestinal diseases among citizens. Moreover, these fish are mostly rotten and are made spicy to change their bad taste, the fish developed after falling into decay.

The citizens demanded the district administration to take notice of the situation and order the officials to ensure cleanliness arrangements in the lcoal fish restaurants.