By Raazia Syed

Cooking and baking is an art, most of the kids are crazy about desserts and yummy bakery products. However, excessive use of desserts is injurious to health as it not only causes diabetes but also can harm your teeth, moreover when you eat sweet meats you will gain weight.

But you can enjoy these eatables occasionally; here is very simple recipe for cream rolls, you can try it at home very easily.


Puff pastry ½ kilos

Icing sugar   8 table spoons

Vanilla essence    4 drops

1 egg

Fresh cream   250 ml


After rolling puff pastry with rolling pin, make some pieces from it (per piece width one inch). Puff pastry is available in bakeries in ready form; beat egg and now apply its paste on these small pieces and roll them on ice cream cone block. Bake them on 200 C, dish out and after 10 minutes mix icing sugar and vanilla essence in fresh cream then fill this mixture into all rolls. You can use your favorite chocolates, topping in these rolls...Now enjoy your baking, but before eating, don’t forget to miss me.

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 1, 2016