LONDON:- Zaid Affas thinks Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are giving people a better idea of ''how to dress''. The designer believes stars who are popular on social media, such as the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star and her family and the 21-year-old supermodel, have made fashion a lot more accessible to ''the public'', and given their young fans more sartorial knowledge. He said: ''''A lot more people are looking at fashion because of these celebrities, because of the Kardashians and the Jenners and the Hadid family.–CM

Social media has intensified celebrity influence and helped stars be more involved in fashion.

''And that celebrity influence helps bring the public into the fashion fold. It creates for the public an idea of how to dress and I think that's an awesome thing.''

And Zaid - whose creations have been worn by the likes of Kylie, Gigi, and Kate Hudson - thinks social media has changed fashion in a ''huge'' way and forced designers to rethink how they market their brands.

He told People magazine: ''It changed fashion in a huge way, whether positive or negative I don't know.

''For a lot of designers now, thinking about social media has really influenced how they have to promote and market their brand.

''When I started my collection in 2014 it was really a time when Instagram started taking off and it kind of really created a dynamic I wasn't prepared to do at the time. But I've learned that it's a great way to introduce your clothes to the public and I've embraced it.

''When celebrities are seen wearing your designs on social media, the public pays more attention to it. It's a useful tool.''

The British designer now wants to take his creations to the runway - and hopes his famous fans will appear in his shows.

Asked if runway is in his future, he said: ''I hope so! Maybe Gigi and Kendall Jenner will come walk for me.''