KARACHI - The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on Friday gave one-week ultimatum to Sindh government for completing long awaited promotions of doctors; otherwise, health practitioners will compel to observe a Sindh-wide strike.

Speaking to media men here on Friday, PMA Secretary General Centre Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, Joint Secretary PMA Sindh Dr Muhammad Usman Makho, President PMA Karachi Dr Shaukat Malik, Joint Secretary PMA Karachi Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro and Dr Mirza Ali Azhar said doctors have been deprived of their due promotions since 1994 throughout Sindh province and high-ups of health department were using delaying tactics despite an order of apex court.

They said Sindh High Court Sukkur Bench had advised the Sindh government in March 2, 2011 to give promotion to doctors according to the formula decided in 1994 by Sindh government for regular promotions.

The decision was not followed till 2011. A petition was filed in Sindh High Court in 2010, due to which the 2011 decision was partially implemented and since then there is no implementation on the court decisions.

They said that the Supreme Court of Pakistan decided in 2015 to complete the process of promotion in one month, but it was never done. In a contempt application on 30-08-2017, the court gave two-month time for implementation. Now, according to the final decision on November 16, 017 it was ordered for immediate implementation of the previous orders.

Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad said the PMA is doctors’ representative body and it does not support strike or protest in hospitals which increases the miseries of patients but unfortunately high ups of Sindh health department are compelling the doctors to go on strike in favor of their demands.

Joint Secretary PMA Sindh Dr Usman Lako said Sindh government is not implementing apex court order for promotions of doctors. He said doctors are working in same grades since last 20 years in Sindh and there is no such example of injustice with the health practitioners in other three provinces of Pakistan.   

President PMA Karachi Dr Shaukat Malik said the doctors are perturbed by the situation which is causing a lot of distress and unrest in the medical fraternity. He said attitude of Sindh Government is pushing the doctors against the wall.

Ex-Secretary General, PMA Centre, Dr Mirza Ali Azhar said it is absolutely painful to know that a lot of doctors, appointed in grade-17, could not get their due promotion and eventually either retired or passed away in the same grade. This alarming situation should not be allowed to persist and the Sindh Government must feel its responsibilities seriously.

The PMA leaders demanded of the Sindh government for immediate implementation of all the decisions of the courts. They also gave one-week deadline to Sindh government to complete promotion process of doctors; otherwise, doctors will be compelled to go on strike throughout Sindh province.