LAHORE - Terrorist activities in various Islamic countries have the backing of the anti-Islam forces who want to malign the divine religion and prove that it is “not a living religion”, says Dr Tahirul Qadri, a prominent religious leader who founded the Pakistan Awami Tehrik.

In a TV interview, he said the enemies of Islam want to confine Islam to mosques, just like Christianity was restricted to churches as a result of a campaign launched some 200 years ago. That campaign, he recalled, made many European countries God-less societies, totally secular in character.

Author of a large number of books on a variety of subjects, Dr Qadri was of the opinion that the campaign against Islam would have been launched long ago but the brains behind it delayed it to first ‘deal with communism’.

And now that Communism has been effectively wiped out, the anti-Islam forces have targeted the divine religion, said the PAT founder.

Answering a question, he said in fact the very elements who pose to be opposed to terrorism are its real supporters. He said to malign Islam, such religious leaders are encouraged to represent Islam in the media whose own character was hateful and drove people further away from religion.

Replying to a question, Dr Qadri said 100 days was too short a period to assess the performance of the PTI government. However, he was hopeful that Prime Minister Imran Khan would honour his commitments to the nation.

Answering another question, he believed that the families who had lost their nears and dears in the 2014 police firing in Model Town would get justice as a result of the new JIT to be constituted on the Supreme Court orders.

He claimed that four families who had lost their relatives in the tragedy had been silenced by the police because of which they did not mention the names of such people in the FIR.

According to him, police officials involved in the firing were performing their duties on the very same posts and were not transferred by the relevant authorities.