With the recent attack on Chinese consulate and the spread of terror in the city, it is yet again a situation that raises concern over the city’s security, and the fundamental safety to one’s life. However, with all of this to worry over, there is still hope and felicity in knowing that bravery and valor have managed to win over all other odds and adversities creating a world of difference in the pre-existing rule of orthodoxical patriarchy.

The depiction of fearlessness and courage portrayed by ASP Sohai Aziz in the ongoing attack on the Chinese Consulate and her determination of putting aside her gender and bringing out the best in her to use, is itself an act that frames the furious femininity of a gender thriving to place itself in a world ruled by the major masses.

It also raises questions, rather answers on how a gender so unrepresented can bring out the zeal and vigor in a situation dominated by fear and threat - two attributes mostly blamed to be mishandled by the female community. Also, in a world that is overshadowed by the spill of beliefs and notions that defines specific jobs for specific gender only, this depiction marks a starting point to thrust all such taboos that relegate the power and position of a gender sidelined in many aspects of life.

Situation and scenarios have time again proven that womanhood is synonymous to valor, bravery and upfront attitude that makes them all the more unique. By shedding light on some of the great examples from the past who even live as examples today include Muniba Mazari, Sabeen Mahmud, Marium Mukhtiar, Malala Yousafzai and a myriad of many such achievers. The key role that women- Nusaybah bint Ka’ab, Sumayyah bint Khabbat Played in shaping the history of Islamic battles cannot be shirked as they shine out on their own.

Putting the example of Sohai Aziz as an emblem of admirable courage and lineage of the historical marvel, we are yet again in a position to boost the fortitude of a stronger sex, garnering respect by making waves globally. If the power of one woman can foil the attack and thwart a terrorist attack then why can we not collectively fulfill the onus of defusing all the thoughts that label her as weak, specify her as fragile and mark her as insubstantial be countered back with the same resilience and substance put to display by just one being?

As more eulogies pour in to commend her remarkable take and glorify her abilities of tackling an attack targeted at dismantling the sanctity of the cordial relations we share with China, let's step out of the gender disparity and join in the caravan of advocating peace above all other differences.