LAHORE     -    A delegation of 51 Hindu pilgrims led by Sain Youdhishtar Lal arrived here on Sunday through the Wagah border crossing on a 10-day visit.  Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Chairman Dr Amir Ahmed, ETPB Additional Secretary Tariq Wazir Khan, Shrines Secretary Syed Faraz Abbas and ETPB spokesman welcomed the pilgrims on their arrival. The ETPB chairman also presented them bouquets and gave them gifts. Talking to the media, Youdhishtar said they had come to Pakistan with a message of friendship and brotherhood. He said, “Steps taken by the Pakistani government for renovation of temples are commendable.” He said that they were thankful to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government for opening Kartarpur Corridor, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative had proved that he wanted peace in the region. He said, “Every year more love and respect is given by the ETPB to the pilgrims.”

Shrines Secretary Syed Faraz Abbas said the board had made all possible arrangements to provide the best facilities and security to the pilgrims during their visit.

He said that Hindu pilgrims would go back to their homeland on December 4. They would perform their religious rituals in Mirpur Mathelo at Shadani Darbar and also visit Sukkur Sadhu Bela and Ghokti Mandir. The pilgrims would use special buses to reach their destinations.