From page 1       -       mon man’s problems. Such a course will make the country ungovernable.

Superfluous to recall that the allegations being made against the PTI government are similar to the ones opposition parties have been making against all past governments. Since the PPP and the PML-N have been alternating each other in power for many years they have been holding each other responsible for all kinds of failures that they are jointly pinning on the PTI government now.

There is a dire need for a change of this mindset. The opposition parties should play their role in navigating the country out of the quagmire it has been caught in. Pushing the country to a new crisis will not be in anybody’s interest. They should let the present government complete its mandated five-year term so that the future government also stays in power for full term. This is necessary for political stability.

All political parties should bear in mind that the Kashmir issue has gone into the background because of the situation in the country. India is perpetrating atrocities in occupied Kashmir and Pakistan has not been able to raise the matter at the world forums. Mere statements issued by various leaders against India bring no relief to the Kashmiris.

The APC participants should come up with an idea as to what the government should do to help the Kashmiris in these testing times. They should bear in mind that if Pakistan – government as well as opposition parties – failed to get post Aug 5 situation reversed, a day may come when India will try to create trouble in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. If India succeeded in beating Kashmiris silent, no future government will be able to revive the Kashmir issue.