KHANEWAL-The police claimed to have smashed eight notorious rackets of most wanted dacoits and arrested its 23 members. The police also recovered booty worth Rs7 million including cash, bikes, ornaments and cattle heads.

These gangs have been involved in highway robberies, burglaries, bike snatching and pet animals’ theft, disclosed District Police Officer (DPO) Faisal Shahzad at a press conference held at his office here.

Following a host of complaints regarding rising dacoities and snatching, the DPO constituted teams under his supervision to bust the gangs. Faisal Shahzad disclosed that after day and night hectic efforts by the district police and use of modern scientific methods, the district police succeeded in busting eight criminal gangs. The DPO informed that 23 members of the gangs have been arrested so far and after further investigations their accomplices and facilitators would also be brought to the book.

Faisal Shahzad termed the development a great achievement of the district police, saying that crime rate in the area would surely be minimized. He revealed that these gangs were also active in various districts like Sialkot, Toba Tek Sing, Jhang, Vehari, adding that the arrested criminals were history-sheeters and dozens of FIRs registered in various police stations against them have been traced.

“The gangsters are heinous and dangerous culprits, having criminal record and had been involved in dacoities, robberies, theft, murder cases,” he further informed. The police also claimed recovery of booty including arms, ammunition, gold ornaments, cellphones, foreign currency, Pakistan rupees, bikes, liquor and drug, snatched cattle heads and vehicles, worth amounting to Rs7 million.

DPO Faisal Shahzad said that a vigorous campaign against crimes including dacoities, drug trafficking and illegal weapons has been in progress across the district for the past two months. During the campaign, arms including a Kalashnikov, 17 pistols, one carbine, a repeater gun and bullets have been seized, the officer added. He said that the police have also recovered more than 50 cattle heads including buffaloes, goats, cows, two laptops, Bedford truck, a pick-up van, bikes, cellphones and other items.

The DPO vowed to go all-out against criminals and protect honour, property and life of the common man at all costs. He declared that doors of his officer are opened for the public and the district police would reach to every person in need.