KARACHI      -       Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that Pakistan is going through a constitutional crisis as the PTI-led federal government seems utterly failed to meet the public expectations.

Kamal expressed these views while addressing a crowded press conference at Pakistan House as more than 800 people joined PSP on Sunday.

The PSP chief said Prime Minister Imran Khan promised a package of Rs 162 billion for Karachi and the seriousness of PM can be gauged from the fact that not even 162 rupees have been released for the port city which contributes 70 percent of revenue to the national exchequer.

“Imran Khan is not the Prime Minister of PTI but the PM of the entire country. Khan was ready to talk to his Indian counterpart, but doesn’t bothered to have meeting with the Sindh Chief Minister for resolution of issues facing by the people of the 2nd largest province by population of the country. People voted PTI after listening false promises and slogans of Imran Khan,” Kamal added.

With the elimination of local bodies of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kamal said a new local bodies set up is being introduced. He questioned aren’t Sindh and Balochistan part of Pakistan? Today, the judiciary, the army and all other institutions are with the government, but the government itself seems nowhere.

Kamal said people are dying in Sindh, it’s infrastructure is destroyed due to apathy poor policies of the government. The country cannot be run merely on the prime minister’s mood.

We have no sympathy with the CM Sindh, but the PM has to speak to him for the sake of the people because after the 18th Amendment, not a single penny can be spent in Sindh without the consent of the provincial government, everything is in the hands of the CM, he said. “If I had been there in PM’s place, I would have bowed before the opposition for the sake of my people to work together for my country,” he added.

A big hope was associated with PTI government, but it has failed to meet the expectations of people as their expectations turned into disappointment in just one year. 

Kamal said when Allah bestowed someone with respect and fame,  he should bow down, but the PM’s ego and anger are increasing instead.

“PM should control in his tongue, he must first think about how bad impact it will create amongst the public. Current and former governments have failed to understand that solving the problems of the people is a matter of time.

“If we have the opportunity, we will evolve policies for developing new cities  and remove problems of the country. In order to generate employment and business activitie, we would establish new industrial zones.”

People gained independence from the British, but still there are slaves of the elite. People are dying from drinking sewage water, no life-saving medicine is available. On this occasion, President PSP Anis Kaim Khani and other office bearers were also present.

Kamal added that people are joining the PSP, believing in the truth and the voice of truth. Karachi has become one of the 4th worst cities in the world. People are dying from dog bites, wastewater, AIDS, dengue, electrocutions and other causes.