ISLAMABAD-Different schemes were presented for suburban areas of Islamabad as well as improvement in service delivery for citizens in the meeting of Islamabad Development Working Party (IDWP).

The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Amer Ali Ahmed, in which the following schemes were presented for suburban areas of Islamabad as well as improvement in service delivery for citizens.

Land Revenue Record Management System, Islamabad (190 million): the period for this long awaited project is 12 months however; the chief commissioner directed that the same may be completed in six months. Assistance will be taken from Punjab Land Revenue authority and NADRA as well as NITb to complete this project within six months. Roads and pavement in ICT Area (15 projects, 350 million). Sewage / Sanitation and Water Supply Scheme in ICT (34 projects, 650 Million), Construction Tehsil Office at G-11/4, Islamabad (59.940 million).

The meeting was attended by the representatives of Planning Division, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Director General Chief Commissioner’s Office, Director Development Chief Commissioner’s Office, XEN / Executive Engineer Local Government & Rural Development Department, Islamabad. The IDWP and development in sub urban Islamabad had halted since 2015. Consequently there is an extensive need for development in the areas outside developed sectors of Islamabad. Present govt restored the IDWP and now development activity is starting in these unattended areas after a lapse of over five years.

Executive Engineer, Local Government & Rural Development Department, Islamabad and Director General briefed the participants about the proposed development projects. Development projects include roads and pavement, sewage / sanitation and water supply schemes in all three constituencies of Islamabad district. Under the proposed schemes, 15 Union Councils of Islamabad will have the communication network. Moreover, 1,437,435 Sft of drainage system will be laid out in 18 Union Council of Islamabad. In addition to these, 16 water supply schemes will also be set up in rural areas of Islamabad to ensure provision of water supply to the citizens.

After detailed deliberations on these projects, the Land Revenue Record project was approved at the cost of Rs. 190.000 million.

While, development projects for the roads, pavements, sewerage / sanitation and drinking water were approved at the cost of Rs. 1000 million which will be completed in two years. During the meeting, the Chief Commissioner issued directives to the concerned department to devise more schemes to facilitate rural areas in every possible way.

After a detailed discussion on the PC-1 for the construction of the Tehsil Office Building, participants suggested that in order to facilitate the people with disabilities, a multi-story building having parking ramps and lifts be constructed. Accordingly, the Chair issued the directions to amend the PC-1 and present the same in the next meeting of IDWP so that every aspect of public convenience can be taken into account. Ali Awan, a Member of the National Assembly from Islamabad was also present in the meeting. At the end of the meeting, Chief Commissioner, called for speeding up the work on public utility projects and completing them within the stipulated time frame so that public facilities could be accessed in a timely manner.