By Faryal Amer

Eid-ul-Azha, another holy festival of the Muslims, also known as the “Sacrificial festival” is being celebrated every year on the 10th Zil-haj of the Islamic month by the Muslims, all over the world. The day is being celebrated in commemoration of Hazrat Abraham’s sacrifice of his son in Allah’s path. The core importance of this festival is the spirit of sacrifice (qurbani) in the memory of Abraham’s great act of faith, many centuries ago.

Hazrat Abraham was ordered to sacrifice his beloved thing in the name of Allah and he on the will of Allah decided to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismaeel. At the very moment of sacrifice, Allah through His angel Jibrail interfered and told him that his sacrifice is already been accepted and replaced his son with the sheep.

Hazrat Abraham’s great act of submission is regarded solely as an example of genuine surrender to the will of Allah and is to be followed as such.

This day teaches the humanity especially to the Muslims, a lesson to learn the value of the self-denial by making a sacrifice of something living to Allah through the example of Hazrat Abraham’s Sunnah.

Every year, Eid-ul-azha is being celebrated with great zeal by the Muslims of the whole world. The preparation for this day is being started many days ago. People started visiting mandies in search of the animal that has to be sacrificed on the respective day. After buying the required animal like goat, buffalo, sheep or camel, they took special care of the animal till the time of sacrifice.

Children excitedly take their animals in the streets to show off to their friends. People specially visit to one another house to see the animal they bought for qurbani.

On the day of eid, people wear new cloths and after performing prayer and greeting with everyone, people slaughter their animals happily and pray to Allah to accept their sacrifice in His way. The best moment of this time is when one feels sad on the slaughtering of his animal because of his attachment to it.

The meat of the animal is being divided into three parts according to Islamic Laws. The family retained one third of the share, the other third is being distributed among the relatives and friends and neighbors and the remaining third is given to the poor and the needy.

Eid-ul-Azha is the day of remembrance, where every Muslim not only just remember the blessing he has been granted with the grace of Allah but also remember the needy and the poor of the society. This is the highest time of joy where one not only share his happiness and Allah’s blessings with his friends and family but also with the other people, especially with those who are deprived of basic necessities of life by showing sympathy and consolation and sharing.

This is the harvest day, when all the good work in the service of Allah is rewarded and all faithful believers reap the fruit of their good deed as Allah grant His mercy and blessings abundantly without any measures.

The significance of this day can also be observed while experiencing the brotherhood among the Muslim ummah, where every individual is looking for the chance to share his happiness and Allah’s blessings with others. The perks of this day is not only for the strong ones but for the needy too.

Published in Young Nation magazine on September 17, 2016