ISLAMABAD-Federal government failed to complete the much-needed bio-mechanical laboratory in federal capital despite the lapse of 16 months.

According to sources in Pakistan Sports Complex, there was a dire need to construct international-standard bio-mechanical lab to help cricketers and athletes overcome minor flaws in their action and techniques.

According to details available to this scribe, it was badly felt to construct a world-class bio-mechanical lab in 2003, but no work was further done on the project and the file was kept in wilderness for 8 long years before finally it was once again taken up in 2011 and after further two years delay, the PC-I for the project was approved in 2013 and two years time was fixed to complete the project and a hefty amount of Rs 50.8 million was allocated for the completion of the bio-mechanical lab.

According to the sources, Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) officials started work on the project and within two years, the initial structure was completed in 2015, but the overall cost of purchasing the machinery allocated in the PC-I exceeded and the much-needed bio-mechanical lab remains to be functional and instead of releasing the entire Rs 50.8 million amount, the government had released Rs 40.5 million.

When contacted, acting PSB Director General Dr Waqar in this regard, he confirmed that after hectic efforts, he presented the proposal to federal government in 2003, at the that time, only four countries had bio-mechanical lab facilities. “This project would have helped cricketers and other athletes a great deal in overcoming there flaws.”

“The building is completed and now we need further Rs 80million to install machinery. As soon as the government releases the funds, the lab will be functional within six months, which will not only help athletes to remove errors but also help them improve their techniques as well,” Dr Waqar concluded.