SIALKOT - The unprovoked Indian shelling in the last couple of days here could neither demoralise nor frighten the people living in the Sialkot border villages.

The Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) shelled Bajwat, Chaprar, Socheet and Shakargarh sectors along the Sialkot Working Boundary on October 21, 22, 24. The people including women and children were found in high spirit of patriotism during a survey conducted by this scribe. All the government and private schools remained opened as per their routine.

They said, “Ihe Indian BSF tried to terrify us by firing on our villages and targeting the civilian population. We are peace lovers and want durable peace around the globe, but we are not afraid of any Indian shelling.”

Men and women were busy in their daily routine work in their fields and getting their cattle grazed. Several farmers were harvesting and thrashing the standing paddy crops in their fields.

Sufi Ishaq condemned this Indian BSF brutality in shape of targeting the civilian population in Sialkot border villages. He said that the whole nation was ready to defend every inch of the motherland while battling against the enemy shoulder to shoulder the armed forces of Pakistan.

Sakeena Bibi (60) was found busy in making the dung cakes in her Havelli at Jhumiyaan Gujjaraan shelled by Indian BSF two days ago.

Muhammad Iqbal (48) was washing the milk of his cows and buffaloes in village Salehpur-Chaprar. The people in Chaprar, Banoot, Rangpur Jattan, Nandpur, Suragpur, Malaaney , Tool, Maadipur, Thathi revealed that the Indian firing and shelling failed to frighten and dampen the spirit of local people despite suffering losses, are determined to stay in their homes. “We are ready to face the situation and have resolved to support the Pak Army,” they said.

Mohsin Mali, Bashir Hussain, Nasir Malik, Ateeb Ali, Nageena Bibi, Allah Rakhi, Ghulam Hussain, Zeeshan Ahmed, Naseer Ahmed and Akram said that they were determined not to leave their homes. “We are not afraid of Indian aggression and will provide full support to our army in handling the situation at the Sialkot border,” they said. They further said they had full faith in Pakistani troops who paid the Indian forces back in the same coin after their indiscriminate firing and shelling on civilian population in Sialkot villages, which is an open violation of bilateral agreements and international laws. The villagers appreciated the role of the army in defending the territory and people of Pakistan.