ISLAMABAD -  Jamiat-i-Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that the mistakes by the political governments do not provide the grounds to adopt the undemocratic way to impose decisions through use of force.

Addressing at the National Solidarity Conference organised by the CPNE here on Monday, the JUI-F chief termed the trend of imposing the decision with use of force quite dangerous for solidarity and national unity.

He urged all the stakeholders to join hands for national and ideological unity as the country was passing through a very critical phase.

PPP central leader Sherry Rehman in her address grilled the government for undermining the Parliament and expressed her party’s serious reservations over not calling the meeting of the NFC Award and CCI due to which the sense of deprivation among the smaller provinces was growing.

She also demanded of the government to immediately accept the Opposition’s draft bill on the Panama leaks probe as according to her it was the only way to defuse the growing political tension in the country.

Sherry Rehman made it loud and clear that they would be standing with the Armed Forces of the country under the prevailing circumstances.

Referring to the precarious situation in Occupied Kashmir and its fallout in the shape of growing border tensions between India and Pakistan, she said that the whole nation needed to stand behind the Armed Forces of the country instead of undermining or weakening each other.

Sherry Rehman advised the political forces to let the people of Pakistan hold politicians accountable through the power of the ballot and avoid creating unrest and anarchy.

She further stressed the need of complete implementation of Constitution, which could only unite the people of Pakistan and guarantee the progress and prosperity to the general masses.

Sherry Rehman said that the people of Occupied Kashmir with their valiant struggle and sacrifices had given new impetus to their freedom struggle, adding, that it was the duty of the government to evolve national consensus on the issue.

She further demanded complete implementation on the 18th Constitutional Amendment but the rulers were not in a mood to take the smaller provinces along and that was the reason the ruling PML-N was not calling the meetings of the NFC Award and CCI.

She questioned that why the government was showing reluctance to form a Parliamentary Committee on national security as proposed by the PPP in the APC on the Kashmir issue.

She grilled the government for not having a full-fledged Foreign Minister due to which the government was facing isolation on the diplomatic front and at the international level.