KARACHI - Representatives of different markets associations across Karachi, while completely rejecting the allegations against Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) by so-called Karachi Tajir Ittehad, termed all these allegations as ‘totally baseless’ and said that they were, they are and they will remain fully united under the umbrella of Karachi Chamber.

Speaking at a meeting organised by All Karachi Anjuman-e-Tajiran Ittehad (AKATI), Small Traders of Karachi unanimously supported Karachi Chamber’s decision pertaining to extending shops/ markets closing timings by two hours up to 9:00pm with an additional leniency period of 1 more hour for shopkeepers to completely shut down their business premises by 10:00pm.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of traders’ bodies doing business across the city. The participants strongly condemned the recent statements and said that the deceitful elements behind such misleading statements have established Tajir Ittehads, Alliances and Business Forums etc., which were totally illegal and they have established these platforms with an only intention to get cheap publicity.

They said that there was a time when these elements gave statements pertaining to supporting strike calls by a political party but nowadays, as the situation has completely changed and the Sindh government along with law enforcement agencies have expressed firm resolve not to allow any strikes in Karachi, these Tajir Ittehads and alliances find no other option to get cheap publicity but to somehow sabotage the image of Karachi Chamber by giving misleading and baseless statements.

They said that these so-called Ittehads and alliances, which claim to represent small traders, were not working in the interest of business community but with an only intention to somehow stay alive in the media. Small traders were fully aware about the activities of such conspirators and were also well acquainted with the truthfulness, honesty and strength of Karachi Chamber which enjoys the unconditional support of 95 percent of small traders.

They said that it was a matter of satisfaction that Karachi Chamber’s office bearers have been working round the clock to resolve the grievances of small traders and the same has been proven from time to time, particularly during difficult times.

Referring to the calls of sit-in outside Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry by these elements, they said that such elements will have to face severe resistance from thousands of KCCI’s supporters who will not allow anyone to sabotage KCCI’s image which has been built after two decades of strenuous efforts by BMG leadership and KCCI office bearers from time to time.