LAHORE - A district and sessions court on Monday awarded a death sentence to a person after he was found guilty of murdering his daughter for not making ‘gol roti’.

Additional District and Sessions Judge Asghar Khan, after hearing arguments from both sides, remarked that such an individual cannot be pardoned who murdered his daughter in cold-blood over a minor dispute.

In addition to the death sentence, the court also ordered the convict to submit a fine of Rs0.5 million.

Last year in September, a person in Azeem Park area of Lahore had beaten his daughter to death reportedly for not making the chapattis properly.

The 12-year-old girl was found dead outside Mayo Hospital where she was dumped by her father who then filed a case of kidnapping and murder, police had said. A senior police official, at the time of arrest, had said: “Khalid and his son kept shedding crocodile tears to hoodwink the police but the mother took off the lid on how brutally they beat the 12-year old to death.”