Dear diary, 

Today, I went to Avari because mama had to attend some sort of meeting & Chevening dinner. So, she left me in the restaurant and I had food, and then mama came again to give me the phone and she said that I could have a look around the shops. So, I got up from the place I was sitting in and I went to a shop which had multiple paintings in it. I really liked the paintings. Then, I went to Liberty Books but when I went in the cashier told me that the shop will no longer be opened at Avari. I came out and went to Kirin's crafts and I asked about the prices of some products. I liked a doll over there and the guy said it was for 2000 rupees. Then, I went to another shop and it had the same products as the previous shop but the products were of half price. I went back to the other shop because the guy was saying that he could actually give me discount. So I asked, “How much discount?” He said that they usually only give 5% discount but he could give me 10% discount. “The total cost would be 1800 rupees,” he added. I told him that the other shopkeeper was actually selling me the same type of doll for half the price. Then, I found mama and I asked her to give me 1000 rupees and so she did. Then, I went and bought it in the much cheaper shop, Malik Carpets, the cashier's name was Shad.

Good Day!


Published in Young Nation magazine on September 17, 2016