ISLAMABAD: Sheikh Ahsan-ud-Din, a senior lawyer, has claimed that several allies of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif close allies have advised the PM to appoint new army chief within 48 hours so as to limit the role of the security establishment.

Sheikh Ahsan-ud-Din is a prominent lawyer of the Supreme Court (SC) and spokesperson of former chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. He said that close associates gave the advice during a high-level meeting.

They also told the prime minister that presently Supreme Court posed a greater threat to the government as compared to the other powerful institutions of the country, he claimed.

Ahsan claimed that the government will devise its strategy after observing SC’s stance on November 1.

One of the members advised the PM that keeping in mind earlier observations made by the chief justice, the government should submit its application to detach CJ from the bench, he added.

“However, most of the members were of the view that the government should avoid any confrontation with the Supreme Court at this crucial situation," claimed the lawyer.