islamabad-Roots International Schools (RIS) Rawal Campus (Satellite Town) hosted Student Council Oath Taking Ceremony 2016 in an effort to encourage young individuals to regularise student body and become responsible citizens.

RIS students vowed under oath that they will be dynamic and responsible members of the Student Executive Council (SEC) and will abide by the rules and regulations made by the school to guarantee themselves and the student body a better campus life, says a press release.

Muhammad Hanif Abbasi, Chairman Metro Bus RWP-ISB graced the occasion as a chief guest and inducted the school’s headboy Muhammed Raza and headgirl Fatima Jamil into the SEC after administering their oaths followed by other student council members. Executive Director RIS Sara Walid accentuated on leadership and determination of the youth to make a revolutionary change in Pakistan. Badges, certificates and sachets were awarded to the members of the council which they received with immense pride and diligence.

Branch Head Sobia Abid said children are the challenge and inspiration of today.

They are the hope; protectors and champions of the future. Only parents and teachers can pass a legacy that destines what the world of tomorrow will be. RIS is the home for creativity, love and joy where each child is assisted in growing according to his natural design.

 We believe while no child is exactly same, for each the level of achievement can be raised, aspirations stirred, potential talents discovered and developed so that he/she can find their own worth and dignity.

RIS firmly believes in the ideology of cultivating the logical and organized future leaders and nation building in its students by equipping them with the best of analytical abilities and conclusive skills required for facing global challenges.

Abbasi expressed immense appreciation for the dedication of the students while also commending the dynamic leadership of Walid Mushtaq, Chief Executive RIS, Pakistan. He emphasized the need for active engagement of youth in professional organizations and encouraged more students to participate at national level thus encouraging student leadership.

Abbasi and Walid congratulated and advised the students to work with responsibility and dexterity.

Abbasi said we are open for all the institutions whether they are public or private to provide opportunities in terms of students’ participation in curricular and extracurricular activities like sports, environment, social engagement etc at national and international level.

He proclaimed that Rawalpindi grounds were available for RIS to organize sports activities at all levels. Abbasi emphasized the need for active engagement of youth in professional organizations and encouraged more students to participate in the future.