Islamabad- Islamabad police have arrested a three-member gang of Afghan nationals who used to rob the people after they withdrew money from banks.

The suspects have been identified as Hashim Khan, Shamshad and Waheedullah. They were traced and busted by the Special Investigation Unit of the police. The police also recovered Rs 0.8 million stolen money and a rented car used by the suspects. Police said the suspects used to monitor people visiting banks for withdrawal of cash. They would puncture one of the tyres of the car of a person they planned to loot and when that person would stop because of deflated tyre, the gang would approach and rob him of the cash, the police said. Police were on the lookout for the gang after a Rawalpindi resident was looted in this fashion near Zero Point in Islamabad.  Tanveer Khan, the victim, was returning after withdrawing cash from a bank in F-6 Markaz on September 27. One of the tyres of his car, which had been punctured by the suspects outside the bank, went flat and he stopped at Zero Point. The suspects were following him and snatched the cash. Aabpara police had registered a theft case against unidentified persons after the incident. Further detailed investigation is underway.